Case Analysis
Case I (manufacturing)
There was a famous food company need to purchase a batch of pallet very urgently with different requirement because of the different storage conditions request of products. Our sales informed the technician immediately to communicate with client on site, after discussion, we know that the client want to supplement pallets for cold room and normal temperature room, but now in a emergency of lack of pallet when the cold room is going to work because the former customized pallets are not applied to the cold room due to food sanitation requirement. By that time the client already installed racking: 85 sets in cold room with 3500*1000*4800*3 layers (carrying capacity of each layer is 4000KG); 120 sets in normal temperature room with 4700*900*6000*4 layers (carrying capacity of each layer is 4000KG). The client hope we provide the most reasonable design and solution based on their product packaging and racking capacity.
DC five advantages
Resources integration
1. Independent production item: DC integrates its products into three ranges which divided by materials: iron(racking、table trolley、storage cage)、wood(pallet、packaging carton、semi-finished product material)、plastic(pallet、turnover box/basket、parts box)
2. Advanced accessory item: transit equipments、station instruments
3. Service item: marketing center unified service、nation-wide logistics delivery、plastic mould development、logs processing、products recycle/lease(preparing)、after service.
Invisible guarantee

DC has the more accurate quality control system to make sure every product we sell meet client quality requirement, because this is the fundamental condition that we get more and more business cooperation

Time:client has to inquiry from at least three suppliers for different product, such as iron、wood and plastic product: 3*3=9 suppliers The high efficiency professional DC team could greatly decrease client communication cost
Cost:DC will give interests concession under general evaluation based on client purchased products, which is the advantage that other supplier can’t achieve.

After service
DC has a strong supporting team on iron、wood and plastic product, it can provide after service and support ASAP
technical design & solutions for all products
1. Iron product: racking、the general customization、design and technical support of racking 、factory divider、metal pallet、table trolley、storage cage
2. Wood product: the general customization、specification design support of wood pallet、free of fumigation pallet、export pallet、export carton and fumigating、animal &plant inspection service
3. Plastic product: plastic product mould development and design、product query system support with over 800 plastic types and specifications.
4. Advanced accessory product: operating table、tool cabinet/car、cutter cabinet/car design and customization
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